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To Rent or To Own: That is The Question

When you’re trying to make any big life decision, breaking down the pros and cons of each of your options can be a smart way to make the right choice. Of course, deciding whether renting or buying is better is completely up to you – and means that you’ll need to consider your lifestyle, budget,…

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Inside the Phoenix Art Museum

We know and love Phoenix, home to Optima Biltmore Towers, like an urban oasis and cultural hub, where the arts are everywhere you look. At the center of Phoenix’s ever-evolving and expanding arts scene is the Phoenix Art Museum, an institution that’s been around for sixty years.  History of the Museum Although the museum has been around for…

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Scottsdale’s Visionary Architecture

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was and still remains, a pivotal figure in 20th-century architecture, redefining the limits of contemporary design. His career spanned more than seven decades and produced hundreds of innovative structures, opening the eyes of the world to an original philosophy he called “organic architecture.” More than 500 of his 1,000-plus architectural concepts…

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